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The Potential of Advanced Cell Technology

What kind of potential could eventually come from the study of advanced cell technology? Could remedies, treatments or cures for rare and dreaded diseases become a reality? Would people actually be able to escape the terminal death sentences that certain diseases wreak? It is speculated that in-depth research at the cellular level might amount to future possible cures of everything from paralytic injuries to unlocking a possible cure for various cancers and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Different platforms are currently being developed for the treatment of blood diseases like leukemia and cardiovascular diseases. But many of these platforms are still only in the pre-clinical development phase. Additional time and patience will be required if stem cell research will advance to its natural state.

In 2011, the results of advanced cell technology are beginning to become a reality as opposed to comic book dreams or an episode of the Jetsons. Think back to the early 1960s, approximately 50 years ago and see how far we have come today. Leukemia killed everyone that became afflicted with it. Everyone who contracted cancer died of cancer or complications. There was absolutely no hope offered when people were paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. Hearing that you had contracted AIDS was reason to automatically mourn the rest of your existence. However, AIDS became a sentence with which could be lived due to pharmaceutical research. Some research just doesn’t yield results in a quick manner. The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon is a great case in point. The millions of dollars raised over the years have made some strides in the disease eradication, but the disease still exists, unlike polio.

In essence, advanced cell technology offers hope for tomorrow from some of the most hideous maladies and afflictions that have plagued mankind throughout history. Many of these diseases have natural origins, but many of the injuries have been self-inflicted. As long as there is genuine research in the scientific laboratories of colleges, universities, hospitals and clinics throughout the world, there is a genuine reason for hope. Faith is the engine that drives hope, faith in our past in what we have accomplished and faith in our future in what we will accomplish.

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