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The Smallest Nano Electric Car In The World?

The latest model electric car has just been revealed in an article … of Nature. It is presented by researchers at the institute Empa Swiss and Dutch as their colleagues, probably a record for small nano-vehicles. This is not the first time explorers of the nano-world nano-car build a just a few nanometers or nano-motor power of a comparable scale ... Read More »

Flash Will Stand Still HTML5

In November, Adobe announced the abandonment of the development of the Flash player for mobile browsers. His efforts are now focused on applications and PCs, especially for 3D animations. The turnaround came as a surprise. After three years of hard struggle with Apple’s media, which has always refused to include Flash in the browser of the iPhone and the iPad, ... Read More »

Google Pays To Scan Their Internet Privacy

Google has just introduced its Screenwise program, which allows to track Internet users in exchange for a fee that can go “up to 25 euros in gift cards.” All U.S. users of the Chrome browser over 13 years, with an existing Google Account, can enroll in this program, the company says will help “improve its products and services and create ... Read More »

Windows 8: Discover What’s New In The Beta

Microsoft has just released a new set of details about features added or changed on Windows 8, taking into account public comments. The beta version is expected in late February. As it did for Windows 7, Microsoft is playing transparency for developing Windows 8 by regularly publishing information on the progress of work. The U.S. giant has announced a series ... Read More »

The Potential of Advanced Cell Technology

What kind of potential could eventually come from the study of advanced cell technology? Could remedies, treatments or cures for rare and dreaded diseases become a reality? Would people actually be able to escape the terminal death sentences that certain diseases wreak? It is speculated that in-depth research at the cellular level might amount to future possible cures of everything ... Read More »